Month: May 2012

  The initial public offering of Facebook didn’t go too well.  Disgruntled investors are already suing the company, its founder, Mark Zuckerberg and its investment bankers though, according to spokes-flacks, “the suits are without merit and we’ll defend ourselves vigorously.” The causes of all this disgruntling have not yet been determined and the re-gruntling industry […]

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that Jimmy McMillan, who ran for President on Americans Elect and for Governor of New York on Saturday Night Live is not using the word “rent” as did economist, Adam Smith.  Of course, if he did, his popularity would plummet though he might get […]

I’m pretty sure I know what this means and very sure it is not intended to be flattering.  Imagine then the concept of using the name of a newspaper as an adjective to describe yourself or your group, especially one that no longer exists. I attended a gathering of about 75 “Herald Tribune Republicans” to […]

  Dear Editor-in-Chief, Perhaps we need a nice medication to curb the “heartbreak of cynicism” that is now reaching epidemic levels.  If there is something in development, I should be included in the medical trials but, if I were, I would probably get the placebo.  Now that is high-level cynicism. With that “journalistic conflict disclosure,” […]