Month: September 2012

Record Player

I am a big fan of Mike Allen, who produces Playbook for Politico.  Each day I receive an e-mail that I find very informative.  I trust his accuracy and admire his insights and today I will rely mostly on his words. The event in question happened last night.  Last night happened after the video of […]

These are busy times in the land of High Dudgeon.  Skin cream sales have skyrocketed as the handwringing among pundificators has increased faster than the value of a Facebook short. There is a cheating scandal at Harvard. More than 100 students took an open-book, take-home, final exam last spring and there was a remarkable similarity […]


According to, the blue talking points have opened a three-point lead over the red talking points in the race to November. In the Electoral College the blue campaign strategists need only amass 33 of 110 tossup votes while the red ones need 79. Winning these decisive battles will tell us everything about who gets […]

There is something that nags about the conventions. Why? Here are some thoughts, not necessarily in order of importance. Balloon and button makers take note. Conventions are irrelevant.  Before the widespread system of primaries, delegates to national conventions actually picked the candidates. Now conventions are coronations.  The closest thing to an actual decision related to […]

Tax Return

I think Tom Hamburger, a reporter for The Washington Post, took one for the team on Labor Day.  He wrote a front page article entitled “Mitt Romney exited Bain Capital with rare tax benefits in retirement.”  Based on 38 years as a lawyer, six as an investment banker and 17 as an investment advisor […]

George Washington Plunkitt

With sincere appreciation to Peter W. (“Coach”) Bragdon, who proves the “once a teacher always a teacher” idea, reproduced below are the 1905 remarks of  George Washington Plunkitt, a Democratic New York Senator from the infamous District of Tammany. With the second of the two national sales conventions plodding onward, Senator Plunkitt’s observations on honest […]