Month: October 2012


At risk of confusing “what I think” with “what I hope,” the political skill likely to be of greatest value in the coming years is the ability to say “no” nicely. At present the skill does not exist and it hasn’t for some time. Instead, candidates for office make promises to just enough groups to […]

Billy Beane

Billy Beane was the Manager of the Oakland Athletics, made famous by Michael Lewis in his best seller, Moneyball. The Oakland A’s were a low budget team and Beane could not compete for the high-priced players available to the New York Yankees and other big money operations. He learned to measure success differently and to […]

The biggest casualty of the first Presidential Debate was truncating the two segments on role of government and governing style. These were set to happen last after three 15-minute segments on the economy and one on health care, but they were compressed into the little remaining time after moderator Jim Lehrer lost repeated battles against […]