Month: November 2012


Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire – Today’s stories in England differ from those you might be reading in America. First, the topics differ but, of greater interest, so does the tone. The biggie today relates to freedom of the press, a topic reliably carried on page one above the fold because it hits hard at newspaper self […]

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Gasoline in France costs 1.5 Euros per liter or about $7.35 per gallon except it is not gasoline, it is diesel. Fortunately, Citroen makes an excellent fuel injected car called a C5 that provides very pleasant transportation for the 1000 kilometer drive to the Spanish border and back. Thanks to efficiencies designed into the engine, […]

google maps

There are a number of wars ongoing in the Middle East but one of them is taking place on Facebook. I know because I have friends on both sides. The busier group posts pictures of dead Palestinian children while the other says they are being used as human shields. Thoughtful observers probably want to draw […]

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Since the election, I have been wondering what would be happening if the Republican Party were a public company. To be sure, I have deluded myself into imagining an idealistic public company with a real live board of directors as opposed to a group of lap dogs standing on their hind legs begging for Milk […]

fiscal cliff

Just before the election, I joined Steve McBee of McBee Strategic and David Walker of the Comeback America Initiative for an intimate lunch of 100 or so.  McBee provides inside Washington advice to the financial services industry and Walker, the former Comptroller General of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office, worries […]

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Rejected by prior owner, often prosperous and can be broadly generous, unlikely to demand awkward foreign policy positions, prefers its government to do all of the things that are needed and none of the things that are not and requires all of them to be done well, willing to allow states a larger role in […]

Important Election?

Once again, we are told we face the most important election since feet replaced fins. To those on the far right, feet did replace fins; get over it. Science aside, ours is not even the most important election this month, let alone ever. History is more likely to determine the 18th Party Congress in Beijing […]