Month: January 2013

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is one of the finest professional golfers in history. Until this week he always ranked higher on the “best ever” list than on my list of favorites, but that was then. A few weeks ago he expressed some relatively tame views about what was happening politically and suggested he might move from San […]

daily schedule

Here it is late January. Imagine yourself a newly elected Congressperson in your fourth week on the job. It is not like the fourth week of any job held by non-congress people because, in Congress land, a week is only Tuesday through Thursday. Your first January has been filled with one-off ceremonies and photo-ops related […]


It’s like voting. It probably won’t matter but I always go. Today, what I noticed most was the Jersey barriers. In 1981, I had a four-year old on my shoulders as we watched the Iranians release the hostages and Ronald Reagan take the oath. In 1985, when it was too cold to hold the event […]

Wooden Nickel

In its continuing quest to determine exactly how stupid we are, some in our government have come up with a truly idiotic plan. We know just how dimwitted it is based on a careful application of the “Paul Krugman” test. According to scrupulous statistical analysis, ideas supported by Professor Krugman are most highly correlated with […]

Homer Simpson

Year-end seems to be the time of atonement for those of us – journalists, pundits, bloggers and blowhards – who inflict our views on others. By calling attention to our failures in the prior year, we seek to erase them and begin anew. The practice is kind of like a medieval religion but you readers […]