Month: February 2013

Washington Monument

Later in the week a very, very bad thing called the “sequester” is supposed to happen because 535 Senators and Congress people, one President and legions of earnest staff people can not decide how to make this country live within its means while, at the same time, assuring their own re-election. For those who prefer […]

creature comforts

With the nationwide Congressional approval rating holding steady at 15%, the Gel-Headed Quants and Traders of Wall Street (GHQTWS — the same people who handed you the housing meltdown) find themselves in a bit of a dilemma because their approval rating is even lower. They remain the World’s Most Loathsome People. Normally, this would not […]


There are parts of Russia more remote than Chelyabinsk but few with better names for a dateline. There are also crappier places than Chelyabinsk but, if crappiness is the standard, you have chosen wisely. More on this below. Late last week a 10-ton meteor, going 33,000 miles per hour allegedly hit this heretofore-unknown city of […]


In the last few weeks, I have been engaged in two separate conversations on the subject of guns, a topic about which I know very little. As yet, I have made no effort to combine the discussions out of fear that it would not go well. Since both conversations are with friends, that would not […]

Pope Retires

Lest there be insufficient concern about the revolving door between government and the financial industry, the Vatican Press Office and Goldman Sachs announced today that soon-to-be-former-Pope Benedict XVI would be heading the newly-opened Goldman Sachs office in the Vatican at the conclusion of his papacy. “We have waited 600 years for an opportunity like this,” […]

Pros Vs. Cons

According to Andy Kohut, Founding Director of the Pew Research Center for People and the Press, drone strikes are overwhelmingly supported in the United States and overwhelmingly opposed in every other country. No data was provided on the views of the two political parties (depending on which one occupies the White House), but they appear […]

news mics

The United States government, joined by quite a number of states, has sued Standard & Poor’s Corporation for doing a very bad job of rating various kinds of mortgage-backed security during the housing crisis. There are some lessons here but you will not learn them listening to the press conferences at which Eric Holder and […]

NFL Logo

Investment pros will tell you that there is a difference between a good company and a good stock. Recently, owners of Apple have come to understand this clearly. A company can make excellent products, but the capability is too well known. The stock price is too high and ready for a fall. In January 2000, […]

Trust Me

The lowercase “p” is designed to signal the use of the word “political” as an adjective rather than as part of the academic discipline — political science. Politicized science or even spun science might have served just as well. Whatever name you choose, it describes a problem that is more serious than might first be […]