Month: March 2013

Do award shows count if there are no sturdy bouncers, no velvet ropes, no red carpets, no paparazzi and no stars and starlets in poll-tested relationships? What about if all of the awards go to just one person: Malcolm Endicott Peabody, Jr. of the Harvard class of 1950? If not, they should. He ran the […]


Cyprus is an island south of Turkey with a delightful climate, disastrous finances and wretched politics. Aphrodite, on the recommendation of her image-makers, allegedly chose it as the best place to emerge from the sea. Its desirable location has made it a coveted target for conquest and it has been owned by virtually every country, […]

Charles R. Hobbs

Some years ago, a friend and I became somewhat obsessed with time management. He found a system called Your Time and Your Life, which consisted of about a dozen cassette tapes and a small workbook. Our wives would have deleted the word “somewhat” from the first sentence. The idea was fairly simple. If you took […]

Orange Juice

Grandfathers have rather modest roles in the lives of 19-month-old granddaughters. This is especially true when the hassled parents are scurrying around getting ready for an early train. So it was that the management of juice consumption – pronounced more or less “dzooosss” – fell to me this morning. There arose a quandary resulting from […]

Lute Fish

Outside of Scandinavia and parts of the upper midwest, the only people on earth who have ever heard of lutefisk are those who listen to Prairie Home Companion on NPR. Garrison Keillor has made a fortune off lutefisk with lines like these. “Every Advent we entered the purgatory of lutefisk, a repulsive gelatinous fishlike dish […]

Shelia Bair

Do you know where you rank on the world’s most powerful lists? Didn’t think so. Me neither. Former Chairperson of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Sheila Bair does. And she’ll tell you, as she did at a gathering of two or three hundred people for a lunch promoting her book, “Bull by the Horns: fighting […]

drunk driving

Two articles caught my eye recently. They were not meant to be read together like the point-counterpoints we see on the front page of the Sunday op-ed section. Indeed, they came from different ends of the earth and different places on the left right political axis, but reading them together raised a question – maybe […]

Supreme Court

In a stunning decision, the Supreme Court ruled today that all 535 Members of Congress plus the President and Vice President are ineligible for the offices they hold. They have been relieved of their duties, dismissed without pay and sent to their rooms without any supper. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is […]