Month: May 2013

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, wore a tie the other day for his Senate grilling about the taxes paid — or rather not paid – by his company. Following the lead of former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, Cook prefers open neck shirts, fashionable in his home court – Silicon Valley — but not that day as […]

“Your base” means “the people who are with you when you are wrong” according to CNN Senior Political Analyst, William Schneider, who also serves as Senior Fellow and Resident Scholar at Third Way, a Washington think tank. He describes his real job as telling people when crises become real. I heard him speak at a […]

About six months ago we had a guest post called Leaving the Tories and Throwing In with UKIP — the United Kingdom Independence Party. Since then, the David Cameron (Tory) Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) coalition has faced more than a spot of bother in trying to run the UK with differing agendas. The “Lib Dems” […]


Imagine actually having a business plan for America instead of a series of wedge issues designed solely to make your party look better than the other. True, this would require elected officials actually to care about doing their jobs rather than solely about themselves and their party, but we can dream can’t we? Where would […]

The Administration is having a bad week. There are at least four “scandals” ranking in importance from “politics as usual” to impeachable offenses depending upon the political persuasion of whomever is expressing an opinion. Test your political prognostication skills by deciding which you think will turn out to be the most important and add your […]

With that as the title, I can hear the sound of delete keys firmly struck by my three children, who heard the words endlessly while growing up. For best effect, audible eye rolling and death rattle sighing must always accompany proper “delete-key-striking”. In their cases the tradeoff always related to their own decisions, their own […]

With the Benghazi investigation starting, we are forced to think about it again. Was Benghazi a cover up? It would not be the first time in presidential history. Look at Eisenhower’s denial of the U-2 flights over Russia. He planned them. Or Kennedy’s involvement in the Bay of Pigs. He approved it. Remember the Contra […]

Last week, Peter Wallison got me thinking about narrative and, as so often happens, the idea is now turning up everywhere. Today, Jason Zweig wrote about two of the world’s most successful investors challenging their own narratives in his Wall Street Journal column. Would the Democratic and Republican parties — and especially their followers — […]

I have never been a goalie but I have played on some very bad hockey teams. Watching our goalies flail about trying to make up for our sins was not pretty. But flail they did because the thing about goalies is that they can’t really quit. Should any of the goalies on any of those […]