Month: June 2013

The last few days of June are usually biggies for the Supreme Court. It is the time the Justices hand down the hardest of their hard decisions before adjourning for the summer and this year has been no exception. On Monday, in a 5-4 decision with all of the conservatives in the majority and all […]

Stan Hatch is one of our most enthusiastic participants. This past week he has sent in several emails with feedback from people to whom he forwards libertyPell emails. With the lightest editing touch, here they are. Perhaps others are doing the same? If you are forwarding libertyPell emails, that is fine, but in the land […]

Today is the longest day of the year making it entirely reasonable for hockey to be top of mind. Actually, that is entirely unreasonable and hockey would not be top of mind but for a season-distorting strike. The strike means there are two or three games to go before we determine whether the Boston Bruins […]

Janet Hook tells an interesting story in The Wall Street Journal. Tough Place to Fill Job Openings: U.S. Senate. Though known to be among the most dangerous words in our language, “it gave me an idea.” Here, as background, are some excerpts from Janet’s story on the dearth of Senate candidates. “Both political parties are […]

Thom (pronounced Tüm) Limaginista (Spanish for the Imagist) struggles for a place at the edge of Washington power politics. If he were a bar room darts target he might not be the wall but nor would he be any of the circles. No power tables for him at important Washington restaurants where important people go […]

The late Mayor Ed Koch famously asked everyone he saw “how’m I doin’” Not many are brave enough to do so today because, for the key institutions upon which our lives depend, the answer is “not too well.” The president’s approval rating is 46%, well ahead of his fellow Democrats in Congress who find favor […]

According to the Census Bureau, there are about 314 million people in the United States. Of these, how many do you think could make a well-informed decision as to the wisdom of our getting involved in the civil war in Syria? For such a decision to be “well-informed” factors to be considered would include at […]

Edward Snowden is an unusual fellow. He is a 29-year-old high school dropout who did not complete community college, yet he made more than $200,000 per year working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a major defense contractor. He has been employed by the Central Intelligence Agency and as an outside contractor for the National Security Agency. […]