Month: September 2013

Private jets were scrambled in Washington and Rome as representatives of two of the world’s most important industries (at least in their own eyes) sought to preserve their livelihoods. Cardinals, especially the more conservative ones, were shocked when Pope Francis appeared to give away their three most valued talking points: homosexuality, abortion and contraception. How, […]

Whole keyboards have given their lives as I banged on about unsustainable federal deficits. It seemed unimaginable that elected officials could ignore the problem so I attributed their ducking it to cowardice. Silly me, they had a solution all along. According to recent reports, the National Security Agency has cracked all of the codes for […]

On September 12, Vladimir V. Putin, helpfully described as the “president of Russia,” published “A Plea for Caution from Russia” as an op-ed in the holy of holy New York Times. Since then “le tout Washington” (at least those who fancy themselves the leading opinionistas) has scurried about clutching its “jubjubs” and “bandersnatches” (Lewis Carroll […]

In Camelot, the 1960 musical that became the slogan for the Kennedy Administration, Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe gave Lancelot, played by Robert Goulet, the memorable title song. In the ensuing half-century, there have been 11 revivals of the production though it appears some of the original message has been lost.  Who remembers that […]

Scott Strzelczyk is an IT guy and the leader of the Western Maryland Initiative. For the first time since neighboring West Virginia did so in 1863, Mr. Strzelczyk wants to lead five western Maryland counties toward secession from The Free State. Kind of a Maryland Spring. From west to east, Garrett, Allegany, Washington, Frederick and […]