Month: October 2013

This piece is being posted on two sites – and WellPlayed.US – because the topic is common to both: pointless fighting. Not much use in sports. Not much use in running a country. Here is the background according to Emma Fitzsimmons in her New York Times piece “Four People Charged in Brawl at Jets […]

Italy must be popular in the fall. New York Times columnist, Frank Bruni, was there and he returned to publish Italy Breaks Your Heart. After a caveat about “theatrical pessimism,” he provides a few memorable observations, but no solutions: “You’re in a museum and an organic garden.” “Running Rome is a controlled emergency.” He traveled […]

Many careers ago, I received some excellent advice from a mentor: if you have a bad law, enforce it. His advice would have served the Republicans far better that what they actually heard though, to be fair, the mentor would have been telling the Republicans how better to serve the country not how to snarfle […]

The fake government shutdown is over and the high-fiving has begun. The President and his Democratic Congressional allies are celebrating while those on the right lick their wounds. What really happened? The President, Members of Congress and their staff members achieved the Republican objective of exempting themselves from the Affordable Care Act. A Special Committee […]

Not too long ago, I saw David Brooks on one of the TV chat shows. Judy Woodruff asked him a question about congressional dysfunction. Brooks has an interesting expression when he tries to explain something that might be just slightly unsavory. He tilts his head a little and he has about a one-quarter smile. He […]

Bastia Creti, Spedalicchio, Italy – It’s tough to find a government that is open these days. Silvio Berlusconi ordered five ministers from his party to resign from the ruling coalition and, as a result, yet another Italian government might have fallen. Either a new coalition needs to be formed leaving out the Berlusconi party members […]