Month: November 2013

I wonder how many Americans can accurately describe the importance of the filibuster. Whatever the number, I suspect even fewer can assess the impact of yesterday’s rule change. Some who hear about it rather than read it might even think it is a splendid new cheese steak offering with which to shorten their lives. Here’s […]

In the world of self-absorption there is little to rival 1968. If anything of significance (very loosely self-defined) happened to a person in that year, he — or quite often she – seems to feel entitled to bore the entire rest of the earth about its transformative effect and the impact it ought to have […]

“We fumbled the rollout,” the President said in a Thursday press conference. Most of the session related to the website and little related to the law itself. The President seemed most concerned about his fellow Democrats whose re-election chances might be diminished. Websites can be confusing. True, they are relatively easy to build, but […]

There is little to stir the soul in Washington like a new issue to be exploited. Battle lines are drawn, fund raising teams are assembled, ground rules are set to avoid any prospect of the issue being resolved until every possible dollar has been extracted from a gullible public in support of the growing Political […]

The nation was aghast this morning at the spectacle of all 535 Congress people and another 465 Administration biggies being frog marched to prison by  District of Columbia correctional officers. “We had no choice,” said Police Chief, Cathy Lanier, “given the damages claimed on behalf of the 320 million plaintiffs, the defendants could not make […]