Month: December 2013

The spelling is the closest I can get to the precise sound of the words spoken by iconic Washington lobbyist, J.D. Williams, at the conclusion of a meeting with a prospective client about 30 years ago. His cowboy-booted feet were on a huge desk that included a built in spittoon. J.D. Williams chewed tobacco in […]

The essay by John Cogswell in The Passy Press focuses on fixes to Congressional processes. No special benefits that are not applicable to all, timely budgets, recorded votes and so forth. Comments include: “rules don’t necessarily work” (a concept – no matter how true – that is anathema to governing bodies everywhere); and “the satisfying […]

Gentlemen, we have a problem. We are being rated online thanks to a “ladies only” app called Lulu. It is not going well. Lucky me, I learned about this dreadful development from Deborah Schoeneman in her New York Times article entitled “What’s he really like? Check the Lulu App.” Others who fall into a category […]

On December 10, 1513, Niccolo Machiavelli, then in exile, wrote a letter to his friend, Francesco Vettori, telling him that he had composed “a little work entitled De Principatibus.” The Prince was not actually published in 1513. Publication awaited Machiavelli’s death in 1532. The Roman Catholic Church condemned it in 1559 and, for good measure, […]

Everyone with a keyboard or touch screen is writing about the death of Nelson Mandela and they had only just recovered from the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. With thanks to Jeré Longman in his New York Times piece Resistance, and Unity, in Sports, here are some quotes from Nelson Mandela on sports emphasizing their […]

Suppose you went to a sports event and bought two of those huge foam fingers – one for each hand. You could wave them proudly and scream “We’re number eleven.” Choose red, white or blue  because they go best with the USA jersey you’d also be wearing. According to the Prosperity Index published by the […]