Month: June 2014

There were two political obituaries on Friday. Tennessee senator, Howard Baker, was the better known. The other was Johnnie Walters, who became commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service on August 6, 1971. Maybe “political obituaries” is the wrong word? Might these have been among the last of the nonpolitical obituaries? Senator Baker, a Republican, famously […]

  Soccer must have an equivalent of “Christmas and Easter Christians.” You know, the ones who only go to church twice a year. High Holiday Jews will recognize the term and sometimes even themselves. I suspect the equivalent, if there were one in soccer, would relate to those who don’t call the game football or […]

Today, Friday, June 20, 2014, marks the 225th anniversary of the serment du jeu de paume — the tennis court oath — a key event at the start of the French Revolution. On June 17, 1789, the 577 members of the Third Estate, who had begun calling themselves the National Assembly, were locked out of […]