Month: September 2014

On September 16, the President ordered 3000 US soldiers into West Africa to combat the Ebola virus epidemic. Unfortunately, the decision is likely to have a greater impact on the delegates to the United Nations General Assembly then on the victims of the disease itself. Sorry to pop the feel-good bubble, but an hour spent […]

I was wrong last week when I suggested that both parties should begin sucking up to Kansas Independent, Greg Orman, and here’s why. I thought short term – Senate majority for the next two years – rather than long term – keep the two-party duopoly in place. Neither party wants anyone to think he or […]

Imagine muddling through life without knowing any of the following people let alone putting them in the correct state or party. Here in alphabetical order are your Senate candidates in the eight toss up states that will determine which party gets to shout “Nyah, Nyah” at the other, while presiding over what was once known […]

The District of Columbia has been running an extortion ring on motorists ensnared by speed and traffic cameras. The program was going well until it came to the attention of The Washington Post and DC’s very own Inspector General. The scam involves forcing motorists to pay for violations they did not commit. It is quite […]

Today, libertyPell calls upon Easton B. F. Bull, host of Cocktails With WASPs, to guide us through tomorrow’s vote in Scotland. On Thursday September 18, the voters among Scotland’s five plus million inhabitants will decide whether to become a separate country after more than 300 years of being united with England. With an economy larger […]

  According to Google Images, this group of seventh graders qualified for the Duke Talent Identification Program. Do you see yourself in this picture? Nope. I don’t either. But do you know who does? The Democratic and Republican parties along with those who craft the messages on which they hope you will base your voting […]