Month: October 2014

Get Out The Vote. Doesn’t that sound uplifting? Aren’t you filled with images of “Father Knows Best” and mothers standing in kitchens wearing shirtwaist dresses? Or the first televised presidential debates sponsored by the League of Women Voters? Fuhgeddaboudit. Like all else political, Get Out The Vote efforts (or GOTV as they are known in […]

With a week and a half to go, ad sales people for the TV networks are breathing a sigh of relief at the expense of Democratic and Republican political operatives. The race for control of the Senate is getting closer, and it appears there will be something to watch on election night. According to The […]

A celebrity spokesperson is needed to take on the heartbreaking problem of finding dates for trackers. Washington Post reporter, Ben Terris, has exposed a national tragedy in the week’s most important story: Tracking the trackers: What it’s like to have the most mind-numbing job in a campaign. Will these young people find love? Will they […]

In his first official act after being named Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, former Chief of Staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, named LibertyPell’s Stupidity Editor, Kraut Gegendum, to the newly created position of Special Assistant for the Detection and Eradication of Ebola-Related Stupidity in the United States. The position will be known […]

Despite heroic efforts by the world’s central banks, the stock markets were in free fall last week. Ebola, the modern day Black Death, is loose in the land to choruses of “we’re all gonna die” sung by analytical morons. President Obama has lost his mojo and besides it is now okay to say that he […]

Bill Maher created a stir during a panel discussion on his show the other day: Real Time with Bill Maher: Ben Affleck, Sam Harris, Michael Steele, Nicholas Kristof and Bill Maher Debate Radical Islam. He and Sam Harris were called out by the other three panelists – Ben Affleck, Michael Steele (a former chairman of the […]

Janet Hook writes in The Wall Street Journal, “According to Micah Roberts, a Republican pollster, ‘about three in 10 voters are disillusioned because they are feeling stuck in some quagmire that is a mix of political gridlock and economic stagnation.’” One might wonder what the other seven think. She continues, “More than half said Washington […]

Real newspaper editors, as distinct from lowlife bloggers, seem to subscribe to some kind of reminder service that tells them to write about certain things at certain times. Lowlife bloggers have to keep such information in their heads because lowlife bloggers can’t afford to pay for the fancy reminder services that real newspaper editors receive […]

The midterm elections are less than five weeks away and that should be the end of the stories about who will control the Senate, but maybe not. In Louisiana, if neither party gets a majority in the three-way race, a runoff is held on December 6 and in Georgia it’s worse. The runoff takes place […]