Month: November 2014

Ask yourself two questions as if the accuracy of your answers mattered. Since the questions relate either to your personal knowledge or to your own preference, accuracy should not be a problem. Honesty maybe, but not accuracy. The first question has two parts. Only if you can answer yes to both parts does this become […]

Since 1961 there have been 11 executive actions taken on the subject of immigration. Seven presidents were involved: four Democrats and three Republicans. In total, up to eight million people were impacted, especially Cubans, Vietnamese, Cubans and Haitians arriving on the Mariel boatlift, Nicaraguans, minor children, Chinese fleeing Tiananmen Square, spouses and unmarried children, Salvadorans […]

If you are or ever have been in the financial services industry, you will recognize those uplifting training courses you have to take from time to time, mostly to enable your employer to document its ass covering efforts. Usually the course offerings are online and they feature pensive looking, multicultural individuals facing ethical dilemmas. For […]

The voter turnout last Tuesday was the lowest in seven decades. I can’t imagine why. Not so fast; let’s think about that. Here are three suggestions. Billionaires Adelson and Saban, at odds in campaigns, unite on Israel and hit Obama On the left we have massive political donor, Haim Saban; on the right we have […]

They held an election last week. Remember that? Most no longer care but they did then. What did they care about when they did care? The vast majority cared only about whether the good guys won and the bad guys lost. They can’t tell Joni Ernst from Elizabeth Warren, but they fretted about the returns […]

Back in mid-September, I began the LibertyPell Nyah Nyah Senate Majority Index. It was so named because of a belief, both then and now, that the outcome of the midterm election would make no difference to our daily lives. It would only determine whether the playground taunts were to be delivered by the Democrats or […]

Can you think of anything that is less likely to change political behavior then being called a bumpkin by Mark Leibovich? Here is a link to his story “If Pigs Could Vote” in today’s New York Times magazine. He is critical of Republican, Joni Ernst, for incorporating pigs in her quest to represent Iowa in […]

First the Bad News If you have ever been stuck in traffic especially on a long trip, you have probably wondered whether the ordeal would ever end. Marathons (no I have never done one) and hundred mile bike rides (yes I have done several) cause all but the fittest athletes to ask themselves will it […]