Month: December 2014

I’ll bet you a dollar that you had never heard of Steve Scalise until the other day. But now you have. If you pay careful attention, you know why you have recently heard of him, but most people don’t pay careful attention so they are not quite sure why they are supposed to know this […]

In which libertyPell’s very own public relations expert, Odious Gelhead, provides public relations tips to North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. Kimmy baby (may I call you Kimmy?), that was some stunt you pulled on Sony hacking their computers, revealing their salaries, exposing their poll-tested hypocrisy and making them yank a crappy movie. There is some real […]

Which do you think you know less about: electric motorcycles or tax extenders? That’s the motorcycle in the picture but the image of a tax extender is not suitable for a family blog. To be fair, a second question might also be asked: what kind of person asks the first question? Well, me I guess, […]