Month: January 2015

There are few groups of people in this country more oppressed and beleaguered than those who favor good governance. In their earliest moments of youthful naïveté, they aspired to a political leadership that wanted to do things well. After decades of battering, they now aspire to a political leadership that does not actively want to […]

In the endless, but ultimately fruitless, quest to mock politicians, their handlers and the total stupidity of the process, your tireless friends at libertyPell have long considered offering a political advice column. Alert readers will note the plural “tireless friends” and wonder at the growth of the endeavor. Actually, I just pretend there is more […]

Naaahh, I hadn’t either until… I read about something Pope Francis said from his papal airplane on the way to the Philippines. (By way, I hope he does not have a cheap plane like he has a cheap car because the consequences of a cheap plane far outweigh the public relations benefits.) So, His Eminence […]

Over the weekend, three to four million people showed up on the streets of Paris to express their sympathy for, and solidarity with, the cartoonists and editors of a satirical newspaper called Charlie Hebdo, who had been murdered by Islamic extremists. Many carried signs reading Je Suis Charlie – I am Charlie. If that were […]

Here we are in January’s first week and already 2015 is off to a splendid start in the world of spectator politics. The spectators need feel no guilt that the splendor of the start results from schadenfreude — happiness at the misery of others — because the others deserve it. First, nothing whatsoever has been […]