Month: February 2015

The other day I was having a conversation with a reader about – what else — politics. It was not the usual anti-everything discussion; more along the lines of “I know I should be paying more attention but I don’t know how.” Motivation was also an issue and there was an undertone of the people […]

Countless happy and prosperous people are not bloggers and they move through their lives, blissfully unaware of the rigid rules governing big shot journalists and low life, attention-seeking self-promoters alike. In trade for glowing front-page obituaries, there are some things we are required to write about. Valentine’s Day is one of them. Even for a […]

Could there be anything more fun than watching people try but fail to boss others around? A great start, but it gets better. What if the people who are trying but failing happen also to be notably smart people acting stupidly? Definitely an improvement. Now for the clincher. What if the notably smart people who […]