Month: March 2015

The other day, Barack Obama, President of the United States, commander-in-chief, leader of the free world and don’t forget head of the Democratic Party tossed a throwaway line into a speech. He wondered about the merits of mandatory voting, as exists in a few other countries, most notably Australia. If you have a gauzy idea […]

Clever Wall Street mathematicians are secretly studying what they believe to be a surefire investment strategy. They are back testing a simple plan that promises outsized returns for years to come. The plan — referred to in whispers as STC, the acronym for Shorting the Cops — is to bet against the success of every […]

Everyone is busy and everyone would love to be given a few extra hours in the week. Here they are. Ignore the speech to be given to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Ignore the sideline bloviators talking about the speech. Ignore it all because it is irrelevant […]

“Don’t tell anyone.” That is what a libertyPell follower told me when I said that I had only learned about Leonard Nimoy by reading his obituary. I guess it must be that embarrassing. Of course, I knew what Star Trek was. I knew that there was a guy with pointy ears called Mr. Spock. I […]