Month: April 2015

With faith in government at an all time low, the party that prefers more of it rather than less is at the beginning of a tortured 65-week process designed to choose its standard bearer. Four cataclysmic forces, two of which include actual people, will clash between now and the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, and the […]

A scrum of Republicans spent the weekend in New Hampshire pretending they wanted to be there. Among the events on offer were “Politics and Pie” and “Politics and Eggs.” If those are the menus, perhaps some of the candidates will die? If so, a few of them might even be missed. There are two-dozen candidates […]

There are several characters in this story and you are going to have to pay attention. I will be especially unsubtle to make it easy. At the end you will have an opportunity to vote for the character you believe to have demonstrated the highest level of stupidity in authority. Pam Belluck of The New […]

Mike Pence is the Governor of Indiana. He has served six terms in Congress so he can be forgiven for not understanding that the actions of governors might have consequences because those of congressmen rarely do. The other day he signed a law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The law immediately fell into […]