Month: September 2015

A friend sent me the alleged quote that is the body of this story. It is supposed to be from a political expert who achieved considerable success and fame as a campaign manager. I tried to verify it on Snopes but it was labeled “undetermined.” Thus, for me at least, it is not a quote […]

I once asked a journalist friend why so many articles consisted of lists. He told me that Clay Felker of New York Magazine had figured out that people liked lists and had pioneered the idea. That sounds about as good as pretty much anything else, and I have believed the explanation ever since. Whatever the […]

Proper political punditry, especially in Washington, requires the use of disdain. Nothing can ever be good enough especially for the likes of an erudite pundit such as, for example, the author of whatever piece you happen to be reading. As to last night’s Republican debate, I will, yet again, fail in my quest for insider-ness […]

What’s not to like about Winston Churchill? He smoked cigars. He drank all day. He said horrid things to people. Seemingly a splendid man. He also contributed rather a lot to winning World War II though there is that Gallipoli unpleasantness in World War I. Best to gloss over that one. But, on November 11, […]

I guess it began with the whole Confederate flag thing. A kid goes nuts and half the known universe makes like those guys in the park after rock concerts that go around spearing litter and putting it in bags. Poof. All gone. No more flags. Clean as a whistle. Move along. Nothing to see here. […]

Bless me readers for I have sinned. It has been nearly six weeks since my last article. By the way that was not too bad for an Episcopalian who has never been near a confessional. We are going to meet a former one who has, but you will have to wait. It’s not that I […]