Month: April 2016

“Think of one depressing question each day,” said no one ever. Surely there are enough unintentional downers that nobody needs to go searching for new ones, especially if they can be avoided. Not so, my friend Michael Smerconish, a morning radio guy on Sirius XM, a once-a-week CNN TV guy and an occasional novelist and […]

Bet you’d like to know what Hillary Clinton told Goldman Sachs in those three speeches she gave at $225,000 each. Join the queue. Bernie Sanders leads the wanting-to-know pack because he could then wave his bony hands around and look even more demented as he excoriated her. But there are plenty of others who do […]

In pursuit of a lifelong dream to chronicle his achievement of the pinnacle of “Haute WASP-ness,” LibertyPell editor, Easton Butler Fearing Bull, subjected himself the full battery of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant screening measures. Though he achieved heretofore-unmeasured scores in such disciplines as fox hunting, obscure bat and ball games, boarding schools, cluelessness, noblesse oblige and […]

The lotion industry is gleeful as the hand wringing continues. Nothing boosts sales better than anxiety about the wrong people showing up at the top of the political preference polls. Whatever shall we do? Whose fault is it? What does it mean? Is the apocalypse upon us? Abrasion abounds and lotion sales skyrocket. As nearly […]