Month: May 2016

Quick without looking, what is America’s third largest political party: a real one not just a bunch of alleged independents who say a pox on the other two? The Libertarians. They have an interesting philosophy as long as you don’t get mired in debates at the extremes, which is the favored indoor sport of hard-core […]

My brother takes considerable pride in his lack of technology skills. His email address includes the phrase analog. I won’t provide the rest. It is less clear that he takes the amount of pride that he should in his sales skills, the field to which he has devoted his career, but whatever pride he takes […]

Who knew that the much-maligned Citizens United Supreme Court decision could resolve the nation’s dilemma as to which odious candidate to choose in November? As is so often the case lately, only our crack reporting team was able to find its way to the brilliant solution characteristic of the LibertyPell oeuvre. First you will learn […]

There is this “thing” (as in “is that a thing?” i.e. is it a trend?) about ducks appearing calm and placid but paddling furiously below the surface. I never had the slightest idea why anyone cared about the “placid to furious paddling” ratio of a duck, but I knew it was out there – a […]