Month: February 2017

Tonight, for the 89th time, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present the Academy Awards. Jimmy Kimmel of late night TV fame will host the Hollywood event. As is my custom – a custom of long-standing, I might add – I will choose this evening to ignore the festivities. The reasons I […]

I thought I invented Smartisan about five years ago but, if Google doesn’t think so, it must not be true. A Chinese consumer electronics company has all of the top search rankings. Does smartisan need a definition to distinguish it from its rhyming antonym? I prefer it to partisan because; to me at least, smartisan […]

With four exceptions I have never in my life lived in a county that was not then — or would not later be — the site of a Whole Foods supermarket. So what? Not so what, it makes a difference. “Some years ago David Wasserman, an analyst with the Cook Political Report, spotted a way […]

Okay, by now you have a fair idea that I don’t always think the same way other people do. Today, the day of Super Bowl LI, I am thinking about losing interest in spectator sports, why that is happening and what might be learned. I will be watching the Super Bowl this evening, but only […]

Over a lifetime, I have a spectacular record of failure when assuming stupidity in others. Almost always, the flaw in my reasoning is my own misunderstanding of what the “others” are trying to do and how they are trying to do it. I doubt I am alone. Every political writer with access to the Internet […]