Month: May 2017

Lately, I have been concerned about the decreasing quality of American political bamboozling. In the past, it always seemed that political bamboozlers were able to dominate the naïve bamboozlees. Like lemmings, we bamboozlees followed the rhetoric of our preferred bamboozlers over the cliff of heightened hopes only to be dashed on the rocks below. But […]

A reader asked me this question about fake news the other day: “given that the media gets First Amendment protection and other benefits (e.g. postage) because it’s essential to “an informed citizenry,” how can they be “held accountable,” in the current phrase, for doing such an incomplete job? The reader – a five-decade friend – leans gently left […]

“Isn’t it difficult to spend so much time writing about such an awful subject?” “I don’t know how he does it.” This exchange was included in a periodic Ukraine email update I receive from a friend. Seems to me he could have written it about Washington. Or about me. “Listen to your body,” my trainer […]