Month: August 2017

That sounds like sort of a silly question to ask about the leader of the free world who is accompanied at all times by the codes necessary to launch a nuclear attack. But does this really answer the question: how powerful is Donald Trump? Could he be less powerful than we might think? Let’s take […]

See all of those pretty red and blue dots? I am none of them. I am relegated to the lower right quadrant: the home of those who don’t care much about social issues but worry about money, the economy, jobs, trade and debt. Embrace the emptiness. Like Detroit. This is where you go if you […]

Fred Glimp died the other day. He spent 50 years in various roles at Harvard and another 20 with no role at all. He was one of those friends you see rarely but like a lot. Here’s why. I met Fred in November 1963 in a schoolhouse in Concord, NH. Don’t let that fool you. […]

My name is Haven and it has been about a month since I last wrote anything. It is not that I can’t think of anything, it is that I have thought of too many things. Hence today’s brain dump. From start to finish, it takes about four hours to produce a story. Start means I […]