Month: July 2019

The founder of a firm for which I once worked was a human resources department nightmare. He smoked cigars when it was illegal. He demeaned nearly everyone. He died before the “me too” movement began (almost certainly a good thing) and his favorite word was stupid especially when shouted at someone else. He would extend […]

Today, July 20, 2019, is the fiftieth anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon. Everyone knows that (or they will after they read the paper or go online today) but few will recall it as the 75thanniversary of Operation Valkyrie, the attempted assassination of Adolph Hitler by Claus von Stauffenberg and […]

Much presidential campaign coverage is devoted to telling us what is going to happen in an upcoming election yet our reactions rarely get beyond a level of belief that can be characterized as “okay, well, maybe.” Getting to even that pretty much useless standard depends on the prediction telling us what we already want to […]

The timing of this story is both perfect and terrible. It is perfect in that today is the 45thanniversary of both the day and date of the event it self. It is terrible in that it would be a better story on the soon-to-appear, all-purpose website,, rather than the historically mostly political libertyPell. Watch […]

How would you like to make a sales call premised on,  “I can tell you how to increase your audience by 100 times — not 100% — 100 times”? Do you think the prospective customer would meet with you if you dangled that bait? The customer is the Democratic Party but it could as well […]

If you happen to prefer an open mind, it was tough to find President Trump’s much-maligned Salute to America speech on television last night. True, I live in Washington and I could have solved the problem by getting up from my chair and going to the Lincoln Memorial. Rain, a dislike of crowds and sloth […]