Month: December 2019

Janus is the Roman god of beginnings and endings. He is also in charge of gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways and passages. It is a big job for which he gets much recognition, especially at this time of year. He got a whole month named after him. January is far more important than National Bacon […]

Last week, I wrote about Agrigento but what about Sicily as a whole? The island is a little smaller than Massachusetts but after that the comparison would not go well. By population (five million) it would rank between South Carolina and Alabama, about midway down our population chart. It’s annual GDP is a little under […]

The other day, on his Wealth, Actually podcast, Frazer Rice and I discussed the recent British election and the implications for Brexit. Here is where to find it: The “Pundificator” and “Wealth, Actually” take on Brexit   In the show notes, Frazer generously includes my pre-election prediction story, “The U.K. General Election Won’t Solve Brexit” […]

Ken Follet has made quite a career writing about cathedral building. He began with the century-long projects that took place 800 to 1000 years ago then expanded those stories into the multi-generational epics for which he is famous. Many of the world’s best known cathedrals were only partially designed when construction began. Details were always […]

Over the last several weeks, Frazer Rice and I have been recording podcasts on a variety of subjects. The first is on the topic of “college.” Here is how Frazer describes it. “In a new regular feature on the “Wealth, Actually” Podcast, Haven Pell and I will take on a topic.  (For our first one, […]

Agrigento is a town on the south west coast of Italy. If your expertise in Greek architecture exceeds mine (a low bar indeed), you already knew that. Its importance as a center of commerce and geographic hub was at its peak 2000 to 2500 years ago, but that prosperity built the temples that draw visitors […]

This story is an email to a friend in UK who forwarded a BBC News account of last night’s vote to impeach President Trump.He was curious about what I thought of both the story and the upcoming 11 months until the election. Story seems accurate. I watched about half an hour on TV. Both narratives […]

Mediocrity was an entirely useful word that had enjoyed a long and happy life until everything changed in April 1970. President Richard M. Nixon had nominated Judge G. Harrold Carswell to the Supreme Court to fill the seat vacated by Justice Abe Fortas. Replacing Fortas had been a stormy process with the first nominee, Clement […]

One of the benefits of writing a blog is interactions with readers, and I have many of them. Some lean right – even far right – and others veer off in the opposite direction, sometimes quite far. The best ones are characterized by open-mindedness and willingness to learn something from others. In a recent exchange, […]