Month: January 2020

This is a challenging writing assignment. Starting with the 100th edition of the Chase the First newsletter, I am going to write a monthly story about court tennis. The challenge results from there being two audiences. The first will find the stories in a newsletter aimed squarely at players and fans of a game that […]

What could be timelier for the weekend of the Super Bowl than a podcast on how we think about sports? In this episode of the “Wealth, Actually” podcast, Frazer Rice and I discuss sports specialization and the pressure of sports success. We tackle (should I have chosen that word this weekend?): The role of sports […]

Though most Pundificator stories receive a few comments, the majority of feedback comes in texts, emails and personal conversations. Since I know most of the readers personally, I tend to answer them, and this often leads to engaging discussions. Sometimes these interactions even suggest ideas for stories, as did this one from a friend in […]

That is the phrase I have used to describe the rebranding of LibertyPell to the Pundificator. It describes how I feel about the over emphasis of politics in our daily lives. Just as politics should not be nothing, nor should the topic be everything. The pendulum has swung too far, and many have collectively lost […]

Following our podcast about predictions for the coming year, long time reader and friend, Bob Timpson, sent me a set of predictions for the entire decade. The thought-provoking list was created by “VC from NYC.” Frazer Rice of “Wealth, Actually” and I used the list as an agenda for this podcast in which we reacted […]

I had to look up whether the impeachment trial was going to be televised. (It is.) With all the stories about how the Senators were to be put on silence and made to sit in their chairs while denied their cellphones, I briefly wondered if the TV cameras were also going to be barred. Of […]

I don’t know when I first heard that expression, but it was pretty early on. For me, its strength comes from three of the five words. The first is obvious. Substituting “lose” for the far better known “win” signals that something worth listening to – or at least unusual — is afoot. The next two […]

Say it isn’t so. The erudite (though sometimes a little starchy) Pundificator and his equally erudite podcast partner, Frazer Rice, are doing a podcast on what? MEGXIT: “The Pundificator” and “Wealth, Actually” take on the Royal Woes That is soooo Page Six. Besides, what can they possibly know about that? Sports maybe, but gossip? You […]

This is the fourth or fifth year of retirement skiing. I think I am getting better at it. Not the skiing; the organizing. If I can stay about the same on the skiing as I get older, that is probably not too bad. I don’t know how much the “visual” contributes to skiing, but it […]