Month: February 2020

On Long Island in the early 1950s, skating and hockey took place on ponds.  There were two kinds. The first was local and small, where a few families might gather on a weekend afternoon. Then there was Beaver Dam, the Yankee Stadium of ponds. Or so it seemed to a four-year old. It was about […]

Earlier in the week (Neighbor, how stands the Union?), my attempt to answer a question on “gloom and doom” about politics grew to almost 2500 words. I thought they were excellent words – verging on splendid – but there were too many of them. The problem of too many words has two solutions. “Throw some […]

Questions get tricky when there is only one acceptable answer and they get even trickier when they are asked by Daniel Webster, especially from the grave. The Devil and Daniel Webster by Steven Vincent Benet is “a story they tell in border country, where Massachusetts joins Vermont and New Hampshire.” It is also a story […]

As much as I am looking forward to ski season, which begins next week, it does signal the end of hockey season. Hockey is pretty much entirely an outdoor activity for me and, by the time I get back, the ice will be gone. The rink will again be a parking lot for golfers. This […]