Voila, the Pundificator

Here are a few thoughts on the site, what you’ll find here and how to find it.

The Name

Pundits know things and the word has uplifting Sanskrit origins. Pontificators tell you things, whether they know them or not, often in preachy, boring ways. Mansplaining? The combination began as a self-deprecating spoof, but it became a thing. Pundificator has ranked at the top of the Google search rankings for eight straight years. May it ever be thus.


Back when people smoked, and especially during World War II, they often used Zippo lighters.

The little wheel scratched a flint that sent a spark to the fuel. My goal is to be the spark that fuels your flame. The thought that gives you pleasure or pause.

Guided Tour

The Home Page goes deeper than you might expect.

The latest story (which might also be a video or podcast) is the big one at the top.

You’ll find a little about me by clicking “Meet Haven” on the right.

The social media buttons under “Subscribe and Follow” let you join me elsewhere too.

“Sign Up to Follow Along” is the way to get a couple of emails a week telling you what’s new. We love, love, love that feature. Use it. Tell your friends.

A selection of the most popular stories is next.

I often use Twitter to post interesting things created by others. It lets me be a curator, and it functions much like a news aggregator, at least of ideas that sparked my flame. You don’t need to be a Twitter user to see those in the “Twitter” section.

The Pundificator Facebook page is next on the home page. I have been posting lots of cartoons there. The only test for a cartoon is cleverness. I might completely disagree but love what the cartoonist created. If so, up it goes.

My Instagram page is last up on the home page. Look there for personal adventures.

There are tabs across the top.

“Sign Up” is one of my faves. First name, last name, email and you are on the list for two weekly emails telling you what’s new.

The “Stories” tab leads you to the latest stories. Each one includes sharing buttons and a commenting section. I love it when you share a story on your social media or email it to friends.

You can post a comment below each story, and I hope you do.

You can also sort by topic. Click on a word and magically all those stories will appear. Imagine the possibilities for serialization.

“Events” are things I have done and will be doing in case you’d like to join in. You can schedule one too, but we’ll have to discuss that.

“Say Hi” enables you to ask a question, suggest a topic or (horrors) tell the Pundificator where he slipped up.

You have probably figured out the “About” tab because you are in it and almost finished.

The social media buttons under “Subscribe and Follow” enable you to follow me elsewhere.

Pundificator.com will include adventures, columns, stories, links to items of interest, cartoons, letters, essays, fiction and videos.

Successor to LibertyPell

I began blogging as LibertyPell with the slogan “mostly not cracked.” The bell is gone, but the slogan still feels right.

All the LibertyPell stories are here. You can search for them by clicking “LibertyPell Archives” under the “Stories” tab.

Now, click on “Sign Up” to subscribe. First name, last name and email address are all you need.