Diminishing Interest in Spectator Sports

The Washington Nationals lost 7 – 1 last night. They lost all three games at home after getting us all excited by winning the first two in Houston.  Now they have to sweep the last two road games to win the World Series. Their hitting has been a major problem because there hasn’t been any, at least in the three home games. Their best pitcher couldn’t play because of muscle spasms in his shoulder.

Truth is the Astros (109 wins) are probably the better team (Nationals 93 wins). That’s 10% of the season that the Astros won, and the Nationals didn’t.

I can’t describe myself as a fan because a fan would support the team in defeat whereas I got annoyed at them for letting me down.

I have a real attention span problem too. The games are lasting almost 4 hours. I can’t do half of that. Three or four innings is it for me. I would prefer to avoid seeing the results and watch a 30 to 60-minute micro game that eliminated all of the bat wagging, glove adjusting and wandering around on the mound and in the batter’s box.

Just pitch, pitch, pitch. No ads. No fluff. I feel un-American saying so.

I wonder if my diminishing interest in spectator sport is widely shared. Age-appropriate, perhaps? If so, that makes perfect sense. Or am I in a small minority of people who don’t watch regular season anything?

I will watch a few minutes of a college football game but not the whole thing. I choose them based on which game is then the closest and which games have the best pairing of schools whose names I know.

Same with pro football. There might be three or four teams I like; about two dozen they don’t move my needle at all; and about three that I hate. (Redskins, Jets and Oakland)

The World Series will end this week, and, by year end, I doubt I will remember who won. The winners’ parade in Houston will be meaningless and a winners’ parade in Washington will be a diversion for a day.

I wonder if I actually have more interest in Brexit and the British election shenanigans than in spectator sports.


2 Responses to “Diminishing Interest in Spectator Sports”

Temple Grassi, November 02, 2019 at 3:34 pm said:

I consider myself a strong Nats fan but I didn’t make it to the end of any of the games-ZZZZing by the 7th inning. Start the games earlier! I remember Mr Hillard’s 6th grade shop class in about ’56 or ’57. He had a TV ( with rabbit ears!) so we could watch The WS while we worked . If it wasn’t for Mr H I would have missed Don Larsen’s perfect game . But i saw it and became a fan for life! Thanks, Mr Hilliard!


Haven Pell, November 02, 2019 at 3:52 pm said:

Always remember to thank your teachers. Well done making your way around the site to other stories.


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