Do Fanboys and Haters Make Good Decisions?

In a new podcast, Frazer Rice and I discussed the impact of fanboys and haters on decision-making.

Fanboys choose a side and support their team no matter what. Even the worst behavior by those they favor will not dissuade them.

Haters are those who have chosen the other side and they oppose the fanboy’s team just as vehemently.

Much fanboy and hater behavior takes place in the nest of vipers called social media.

It happens in politics (obviously!) where anything newsworthy is unequivocally supported by one side and opposed by the other.

It happens in fields where few people can possibly have the skills needed to make informed decisions. Think climate.

It happens in finance where short sellers favor declines and owners favor gains.

As often as not fanboy and hater behavior is motivated by something other than the issue at hand, and the two behaviors often seem to be manufactured by others.

Click here to listen to the podcast for some examples of the adverse effects of fanboy and hater behavior on sound decision making.




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Catherine, March 09, 2020 at 3:19 pm said:

Loving how this worked out from email to read to listen!


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