Appearances seem a logical next step after decades of living and years of writing. As in sports, it is best to begin as an amateur before signing with a speakers’ bureau and turning pro.

“Be interested, be interesting” is an ongoing objective. The Pundificator would be happy to:

  1. Be a guest on your podcast
  2. Be a guest on your video
  3. Appear on your show
  4. Join your event
  5. Give a talk
  6. Facilitate a conversation or discussion
  7. Lead a conversation at your book club when you don’t have time for the book
  8. Facilitate a “Thinks & Nibbles” – an evening discussion devoted to a single topic

Here are some thoughts but please get in touch on the SAY HI page to share your idea.

  • Emotions Are Expensive: Try Not to Wreck your Financial Life
  • Children and Money: Nobody Likes Spoiled Brats
  • The College Trail and the Tyranny of SUV Stickers
  • It’s Only a Game: the Plunder and Pillage of Amateur Sports
  • Coping with Political B.S.
  • Passport Stamps: Doing Things vs. Having Things
  • Imagining Retirement: For Better or for Worse but not for Lunch
  • Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Bloggers
  • Why The Tragedy of the Commons Explains Most Everything

Below are some examples of prior appearances.


Bill WALTON speaks with Haven Pell, Pundificator

My friend Haven Pell recently joined me on “The Bill Walton Show” to explain how politics is just another big business. He spent a career in law and finance and is now a self-described “pundificator” in retirement.


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Farr Cast: Wealth Strategies with Michael Farr

The intersection of politics, money and government. Begins at minute 24

Dollars and Sense Podcast Hosted by David Greene

Haven Pell began writing about politics in 2011 at the website he founded, LibertyPell. He expects to launch a new website,, later this year. Prior to becoming the Pundificator, Haven was a navy officer, a lawyer, an investment banker, the director of a family office, and one of the co-founders of the Bernstein office […]