Feedback, Arrows, Songs and Friends

Stan Hatch is one of our most enthusiastic participants. This past week he has sent in several emails with feedback from people to whom he forwards libertyPell emails. With the lightest editing touch, here they are.

Perhaps others are doing the same? If you are forwarding libertyPell emails, that is fine, but in the land of perfection, I would love to add your friends’ names to our email list.

Otherwise I might begin to feel like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (I should be so lucky)

I shot an Arrow into the air

It fell to earth I know not where,

For so swiftly it flew, the sight

Could not follow it in its flight.


I breath’d a Song into the air

It fell to earth, I know not where.

For who has sight so keen and strong

That it can follow the flight of a song?


Long, long afterward in an oak

I found the Arrow still unbroke;

And the Song from beginning to end

I found again in the heart of a friend.

Yup, I know the tree in the picture is not an oak. Over to you, Stan.

1. Obama spends so much time on the campaign trail since that is where he really excels and that as an executive, running a government, he has not done well. I’ll agree he has fallen short on many of my expectations. I believe that much of the legislation in his term has come from Congress, not because of his leadership, but despite it. The country is now more divided than ever. However, regarding military involvements, he’s definitely trying to extricate us and that is what the country wants. He is using diplomacy to address world tensions and that is praiseworthy. Hopefully Kerry can do better than Hilary did.

2. The new generation does not care about the deficit since it believes that it is fine to spend money you don’t have. I’ll add something to that. Many in the new generation today seem to think the government owes them something. I agree we need more emphasis on saving and providing for our own needs instead of relying on the government.

3. The IRS is corrupt and totally political, with all corruption starting at the top. We’ll find out about that as the various investigations proceed, which I hope they will.

4. The chain of command is not working in the IRS and that is why things are out of control. From what I could see when I was there (3 years before finally retiring from a paid job), the chain of command is working fine. Not much discretion is given to an employee on what he can do, particularly at the working level.

4. At least 1/4 of all government workers don’t do any work at all and that you could fire this 25% without any effect on government operations. Also that wasting money on junkets is rampant in government. First, I don’t know that the junkets, as reflected in the IRS tapes, are worse than private industry, but I agree that tens of millions, as represented on Fox, does sound wasteful. Regarding firing 25% of government workers having no effect, I wouldn’t go that far, but I believe many government workers could work harder. Accountability could be better.

5. Regarding the NSA: Condoning it (espionage?) would be similar to what the Germans did when Fascism developed in the 30’s. That’s why we need to make sure it is not used for political purposes and why independent oversight is needed. There needs to be accountability.

6. Regarding the NSA: If the Dems can get away with it, the Repubs can use it for political purposes when they come into power. Maybe Harry Reid makes phone calls to brothels. Again, that’s why we need an independent oversight committee.

7. Regarding the NSA: Did the programs really prevent anything? Could the money be better spent? I choose to trust that the government, through law enforcement, has stopped many terrorist attempts.

Stan’s summary: What I sense from these comments is that many are really unhappy with our government today. The polls seem to support this, as you pointed out. Many may be upset with the IRS because of the taxes they pay. Simplifying the tax law would help a lot. Also, some of the regulations really should be rewritten in fairness to the taxpayer. For certain, audits should not discriminate on the basis of political beliefs.

I hope we remember some of these thoughts on the next elections. Unless changes are made, the future does not look good. I would hope that most would agree that the current deficit is unsustainable, and that the new healthcare will be a tremendous financial strain that has not been addressed. Many today are just concerned with today, and will let the future be the problem of our kids. We did not get to where we are now, and enjoy the freedom and standard of living we enjoy now, by our forefathers taking that attitude. I think we owe something to the next generation.

Keep writing your stuff. Even if you don’t get comments back, I’m sure you are causing many to think about these problems. That is essential in a democracy.

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