Government Shutdown: Let’s Make a Deal

The fake government shutdown is over and the high-fiving has begun. The President and his Democratic Congressional allies are celebrating while those on the right lick their wounds.

What really happened?

  • The President, Members of Congress and their staff members achieved the Republican objective of exempting themselves from the Affordable Care Act.
  • A Special Committee has been formed to deal with debt and deficits. Unless it chooses to stub its toe kicking the can yet again, it is D.O.D. – “dead on departure.”
  • About 450,000 federal workers took a hit to their self-esteem when they were deemed non-essential. On the other hand this amounted to almost three weeks of paid vacation.
  • The government is funded for the next 90 days. About when the Super Bowl is played, the debt limit will need to be raised again. With luck, they can fit in two more rounds of the same fight before the November election.
  • One in seven US adults believes the country is on the right track.
  • Of far greater importance to those involved, it was a fund raising bonanza. That was the reason it had to go down to the wire without doing any real harm. As long as the money was flowing, both sides continued the charade that no deal was possible when, in fact, no deal was wanted.

Let’s see if we can do better.

Here is part one of a deal that might be possible.

You never, ever, ever have to hear any of the following words again:

Barack Obama

Harry Reid

Mitch McConnell

John Boehner

Nancy Pelosi

Ted Cruz

That’s right. Gone forever. No pictures, no quotes, no press conferences, no nothing. Poof, gone.  Three D’s three R’s; it is even fair.

And what you might wonder is the trade for such a deal?

It’s all or nothing.

The polls are open. Your vote matters.

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