How’m I Doin’? Best Not To Ask with these Approval Ratings

The late Mayor Ed Koch famously asked everyone he saw “how’m I doin’”

Not many are brave enough to do so today because, for the key institutions upon which our lives depend, the answer is “not too well.”

The president’s approval rating is 46%, well ahead of his fellow Democrats in Congress who find favor with but 32% of US voters. They can take comfort in a nine-point lead over their Republican congressional opponents who are favored by only 23% of voters.

The economy needs to get its act together because it trails the politicians, with only 18% saying it is good or excellent. 70% believe we are at least in a downturn if not a recession.

Almost 2 voters out of three believe the government is too large (64%) and more than half (52%) believe that a terrorist attack in the United States within the next few months is either very or somewhat likely.

Voters don’t seem too worried about Iran with only 15% believing military action is required now. Pretty much the same percentage (16) has the same view of North Korea.

Public confidence in other institutions is mixed. Here is a list of those expressing either a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in

The military 76%

Small business 65%

The police 57%

The church or organized religion 48%

The presidency 36%

The medical system 35%

The U.S. Supreme Court 34%

The public schools 32%

The criminal justice system 28%

Banks 26%

Television news 23%

Newspapers 23%

Big business 22%

Organized labor 20%

Health Maintenance Organizations, HMOs 19%

Congress 10%. Here more than half (52%) has little or no confidence.

Parents out there, imagine if your children brought home this report card. Your country just did.

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