Images Save Words from Certain Death

Julie Hauser gave me this link to a series of visuals on “power” commissioned by CNN. This was the one she pointed out to me but there are a number of others that are also quite compelling. Nobody can possibly like or agree with all of them, but it is amazing how much message can be conveyed visually.

There is an artists’s statement for each, and here is the one for this picture.

Katrin Eismann, ‘Untitled’

Artist’s statement: The power and integrity of the United States is based on the founding ideals of liberty, equality, democracy, opportunity and rights. As our national discourse becomes more stringent and polemic, it distorts and erodes our international influence, respect and power. By photographing coins in the waters of Lake Huron, Eismann suggests that the founding principles of the United States are at risk of being warped to the point where we will no longer recognize them.

Many thousands of words have not given their lives to create these impressions.

Thanks Julie.




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