Spock for President

“Don’t tell anyone.”

That is what a libertyPell follower told me when I said that I had only learned about Leonard Nimoy by reading his obituary.

I guess it must be that embarrassing.

Of course, I knew what Star Trek was. I knew that there was a guy with pointy ears called Mr. Spock. I knew that there were Trekkies. I can do the split finger salute but I did not know what it was. I even knew that the bad guys were Klingons.


What I did not really know was anything about the Spock character.

Don’t you hate it when you meet someone really terrific in his obituary?

Here we are with an entirely dysfunctional government being rescued from its own silliness alternately by Federal Reserve Board Chair, Janet Yellen, and Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, among the few luminaries in the dwindling number of grown-ups in Washington.

Just when we need Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy goes and dies on us.

Google fetches up more than 45 million articles when you key in his name, but this is a good one: Leonard Nimoy, who helped bring politics to ‘Star Trek,’ has died.

The Spock character was either emotionless or Nimoy played him with his emotions under tight control. I kind of prefer the former, but the latter will do.

Perhaps its time has come? Emotionless politics.

In the second episode of season three of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey, playing Frank Underwood, tells the American public (I hate that phrase) that old people are ripping off the country. The money spent on them would be better spent putting young people to work. This is a low risk strategy for an unelected president whose poll numbers are in the potty because the party hacks have already told him not to run. We’ll see how his Spock-like emotionless plan plays out as season three continues.

Some months ago, even the President suggested that his policy consisted of “don’t do stupid shit.” That sounds pretty unemotional, which, of course, triggered Hillary Clinton’s handlers to make her say that it was insufficiently uplifting for a great nation. “Don’t do stupid shit” is to be replaced by “emotional bullshit” as we get “Ready for Hillary.”


Imagine if Leonard Nimoy, playing Mister Spock, had been unleashed on Washington with his photon torpedo to dispatch the overwrought emotional politicians and their handlers who populate the city and pretend to govern the country.

In my dreams, he would dispatch the emotional offenders and the toadies who put the words in their mouths before the sentences were even completed.

The country would rise as one and cheer.

How did we miss this opportunity?

Spock for President.

You’ll be much missed Leonard Nimoy, but thank you for the idea.

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