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There are some who grasp the importance of situations early and others who take more time to absorb new developments. One challenge for the early adopters is that others might find them tiresome or even a bit nuts. One such person was having a conversation about the coronavirus with his wife back in January or […]

It seems unusually churlish to have named this year after the definition of perfect vision, as it is hard to think of a time when there has been less clarity. In general, people are not very good at uncertainty. They seem to like knowing their children will return to school in September and, after the […]

Throughout the month, the snow had been iffy, but that was about to change. The forecast was for 50 inches of powder in Squaw Valley, an 18-podcast drive from Sun Valley that required an overnight stay. Winnemucca, Nevada is not likely to appear in glossy ski magazines. It shouldn’t. It’s not a ski place. It’s […]

In addition to his skills at serializing novels, Charles Dickens is well known for ghostly visitations. Ebenezer Scrooge didn’t invite Jacob Marley or the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future to come and visit him, but the results were salutary. Charles, here is your first ever visitation invitation for a lesson on serializing stories. […]

Thoughtful and well behaved though we ourselves might be, it appears that some might not be staying home in sufficient numbers. There seem to be some pretty broad definitions of “essential” in the phrase essential purposes. John Branch of the New York Times provided the launch pad for a podcast discussion of isolation practices between […]

According to a recent poll, 99% of Americans are aware of the coronavirus and Covid-19. This is pretty much the highest percentage of Americans that has ever been aware of anything, though 9/11 comes close. The poll result does not mean that all of the 99% is equally aware or that they are all having […]