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Some years ago, a great friend and unusually wise person taught me about the homework test. It is well known that guys don’t generally call each other “wise,” but my friend falls into that category especially when it comes to aphorisms. In this category, the homework test might be rather too long, but I think […]

Frazer Rice and I tackled some of the bigger issues in the Democratic Primary in our most recent podcast. If an elected official (helpful if it’s a Democrat) like Mayor Pete, Vice President Biden, Senator Klobuchar or Senator Warren wins fair and square, establishment Democrats don’t have a problem. Shrug their shoulders and hope their […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) is a leading candidate to be the Democratic presidential nominee. She has plans for nearly everything and styles herself as a wonk. This contrasts with her desire not to show her 70 years by bounding on to campaign stages and waving her arms about. Fair enough. It is, after all, […]