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Though most Pundificator stories receive a few comments, the majority of feedback comes in texts, emails and personal conversations. Since I know most of the readers personally, I tend to answer them, and this often leads to engaging discussions. Sometimes these interactions even suggest ideas for stories, as did this one from a friend in […]

That is the phrase I have used to describe the rebranding of LibertyPell to the Pundificator. It describes how I feel about the over emphasis of politics in our daily lives. Just as politics should not be nothing, nor should the topic be everything. The pendulum has swung too far, and many have collectively lost […]

If you live in the Acela corridor (Boston to Washington with a major stopover in New York), the impeachment and election stories are difficult to avoid. Likely, the rest of the country spends far less time obsessing about both issues. For overseas readers, the Acela is our answer to high speed rail in the only […]