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Most of the emails I get from Coach and later teacher, Peter Bragdon end: “Keep it Going – Pete.” Some end: “Stay Young” and occasionally one will end with both. Fast forward nearly six decades after the events described in The Goal and The Exam. I lured a St. Paul’s form mate, Jos Wiley, from […]

The overtime goal in March 1962 was the last instant I played hockey for Peter Bragdon. In hockey, the first to score in overtime ends the game. Before anyone worried about participation trophies and hurt feelings, this was called “sudden death.” Neither golden goal nor sudden victory quite captures the finality. It did not occur […]

Let’s say your athletic career is likely to peak in high school (boarding school in my case). You don’t know that when you are a 10th grader (we called them IV formers following the English tradition) because you will only encounter athletes with real skill when they beat you out for teams at college. But, […]

This story is the result of what I hope The Pundificator will increasingly become. Interaction with readers is wonderful because, as my political writing mentor, Andy Glass, a 60-year veteran who has forgotten more about the field  than I will ever know, has always advised, “don’t worry about the numbers; you don’t need to make […]

Back by popular demand is “We Still Don’t Want You.” It is a slightly modified version of a story called “Be Like Fred” that was written in 2017 when Harvard stalwart, Fred Glimp died. Until “My Grandfather’s Shoes” a few days ago, it was the personal fave of some readers, perhaps because it was a […]

The Danby Cup is a team event for players who are over 70 years old in a little-known game called court tennis. It is part of a biennial series known as the World Masters Amateur Championship that includes individual (singles and doubles) and team (country versus country) events at the over 50, 60 and 70 […]

Who’s Morfy? I have a son in law of Scandinavian ancestry and, when grandchildren appeared, I decided to find out about grandfather name customs from his part of the world. Turns out, they are defined by the relationship of the grandparent to the grandchild. As the father of the mother I became Morfar, now shortened […]