Tax Personal Branding

I recently gave you the rules of this game in a post called Schadenfreude as Tax Policy.

Are you a soft drink? If not, why do you need a personal brand?

Soft drinks need to be brands because the soft drink makers want you to buy theirs as opposed to somebody else’s. This makes sense for the beverage makers because, if they didn’t, why would they want to be in the soft drink business?

It would appear that the vast majority of people are not soft drinks, so the logical question arises: why do they need to be personal brands?

Much wasted time and misdirected attention could be saved by taxing personal branding. True, this would disadvantage those who chose to subject themselves to elections but, among adverse consequences, not one to worry about.

A tax on personal branding would not raise much money because people would stop doing it when it became too expensive, but the existence of the tax might propel our lives in a salutary upward trajectory.

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