Tax Trolling

I recently gave you the rules of this game in a post called Schadenfreude as Tax Policy.

The original trolls, who lived under bridges and looked nasty, were actually a good bit better than today’s trolls, who gallivant about on social media picking fights.

Today’s trolls are kind of like boys who can’t get dates, so they go into bars and fight with those who can. Their mothers must be proud.

Some trolls are just mean-spirited individuals who need to find fault with everything, especially when safe from retaliation. They are not even brave enough to go into a bar and risk personal injury.

Some trolls are paid to destroy reputations and opposing views by attacking them. Imagine how proud their mothers must be.

Would either group be missed? Since that does not seem likely, why not tax trolling?

Even a minimal tax would make trolling disappear.

Then on to telemarketing.

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