The Bests and the Worsts of 2019 and Some Predictions for 2020

It’s podcast time, and today Frazer Rice of “Wealth, Actually” and the Pundificator look back at 2019 to nominate our bests and worsts of the year.

Last year, where would you have put Amazon, Kylie Jenner, the Federal Reserve Board, Internet regulation, Washington pro sports, the stock market, populism and political professionals? Better still, why?

What would you predict next year for the nuclear power industry, the summer Olympics in Tokyo, comic book superheroes, the business of politics, the value of thoughtful writing and editing or the things we don’t hear about?

Does that sound eclectic enough? Nostradamus himself did not cover that much ground.

Click on the link below that will take you to Frazer’s website where you’ll see the way to the podcast itself.

Find the podcast here.

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