The Nazi Tax

I recently gave you the rules of this game in a post called Schadenfreude as Tax Policy. Since we will probably not succeed in reducing our own taxes to zero, we can take the fallback position of increasing taxes on bad behavior.

To say nothing of punishing those we dislike.

Virtually everyone would agree that Nazis are far and away the best people to tax because nearly nobody likes them. Unfortunately, there are not enough of them and they are not rich enough to raise meaningful money.

The fallback position is to impose a tax on those who refer to online opponents as Nazis. Comparisons to Hitler would count double.

Obviously, the tax is easily avoided simply by behaving yourself in online discourse and, if the tax were high enough, the cost would exceed the value of the insult.

Though unlikely to make a meaningful dent in the deficit or reduce the debt, there would be a salutary reduction in the number of such unpleasant references.

Surely a worthy outcome and thus a superior tax policy.

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