UKIP Update

About six months ago we had a guest post called Leaving the Tories and Throwing In with UKIP — the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Since then, the David Cameron (Tory) Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) coalition has faced more than a spot of bother in trying to run the UK with differing agendas. The “Lib Dems” are dwindling fast and the Tories have lost notable bi-elections and many seats in local contests.

Scotland might still want out and economic recovery is slow. This is not a happy time to be a politician in power.

Are there lessons to be learned in America?

UKIP is pejoratively considered a racist party because of its hard stance on immigration and borders. Libertarians identify with its strong anti-Europe views and those who like a bit of humor with their politics adore Nigel Farage, a UKIP MEP (Member of European Parliament) who wastes few opportunities to savage the excesses of his colleagues in open session and on YouTube.

Thrumpton, our UK correspondent (and UKIP supporter), updates his original story.

This issue is about more than EU and immigration now. The public debate has been widened considerably. It’s about useless politicians [Farage calls them ‘fresh-faced schoolboys who’ve never had a proper job’] wasting our time and money and opportunities.

It’s about Cameron thinking he is being clever by promising a 2017 referendum on remaining in the E.U. if he is re-elected. He wont be. It’s about politicians not listening to voters. It’s about a crisis of leadership in the Tory party, and very weak alternatives in Labour or “Lib Dems.” It’s about finding something to focus frustrations upon [EU] after 5 economically hard years.

The Brits will leave Europe whether that is a good or bad thing. And I more than half expect a leadership crisis at any moment. If I looked at the news tape and it said ‘Cameron – vote of no confidence tonight’ I would not be in the least surprised.

Anything sound familiar?



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